The Crest Academy

The Crest Academy is part of E-ACT and is the nearest school to E-ACT Braintcroft Primary Academy.

The Crest Academy is located in a beautiful building with state of the art facilities and outstanding educational resources which provide exceptional opportunities for students. In addition The Crest Academy has spacious, modern classrooms, laboratories, workshops and studios and 2 full sized sports halls with additional outdoor facilities.

The Crest Academy has a vision to ensure every student will be ready for university and every student will be a leader remains a focus alongside an absolute commitment to the academy’s core values of:

  • Pride and Professionalism
  • Relationships
  • Aspirations
  • Integrity
  • Social justice
  • Empowerment and accountability

A place at The Crest Academy from September 2023 is prioritised for pupils attending E-ACT Braintcroft Primary Academy, but is not automatic, so please ensure you apply for a place.

You can apply for a place for your child currently in year 6 from 1 September 2023 for September 2024 via Brent Council who administer our admissions by clicking here.

To arrange an informal visit, please call The Crest Academy on 020 8452 4842.

The Crest Academy look forward to receiving your application for your child.

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