Crystal Class – Class Teacher – Moeen Khan

Onyx Class – Class Teacher – Farzana Shams

Sapphire Class – Class Teacher – Carla Trejo Gonzales

Teaching Assistant : Simone McIntyre-Anna Glownia  –Keisha Atkinson

Welcome to Year 2.

This academic year, the children will acquire a wide range of skills, covered through the teaching of both core and foundation subjects in the format of our new curriculum based on the themes Identity and diversity, Social justice and equity, Sustainability, Peace and conflict, Power and governance and Human rights which are aspects of our global curriculum.

This knowledge rich curriculum will prepare our children with the relevant current knowledge, exciting concepts and life skills which will stay with them for life. At the end of KS1, the children in year 2 usually sit their Standard Assessment Tests (SATS) which measures their achievements before they enter KS2. These tests usually include 2 mathematic papers (arithmetic & reasoning), 2 reading comprehension papers and a spelling, punctuation & grammar paper, all of which the children will be prepared for throughout the year.

Expectations required by our families:

  • Children are encouraged to read at least 20 minutes per day at home and reading records are to be signed every night Monday-Friday and brought to school everyday
  • Homework will be given through class dojo on Mondays, to be completed by Friday with picture evidence sent via class dojo.

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