Welcome to Year 2!

Literacy – Power of Reading

Power of Reading is a new approach we’ve taken on board to excite children in their Literacy lessons. In Autumn 2 Year 2 explored ‘The dark’ by Lemony Snicket, we started by reading parts of the text, analysing language and how the main character Laszlo might be feeling through drama and role play. This inspired us to write a description of the dark. We explored more of the story and made predictions about what could happen next, writing our own endings to the story. ‘The dark’ became one of the children’s favourite texts! We look forward to exploring more texts as the year goes on.


Mental maths is a huge school focus and using Ray Maher’s passport approach we encourage our children to develop a love of mental maths. They are excited to practise their targets at school, at home and in the playground, they look forward to our whole school weekly 45 second assessment where they get the chance to demonstrate that they’ve ‘locked’ a set of maths facts into their brain. Every child can tell you the target they are working on. Models and images is also a huge part of maths in Year 2 and we use Numicon to investigate and secure our understanding of maths.

Connected Curriculum Topics

We teach through a topic to encourage children to form links in their learning, learn how to apply new knowledge and develop transferable skills.

Autumn 1: Chicken Run!

A science focused topic investigating the life cycle of a our own class chicks!

Autumn 2: Fire! Fire!

An investigation into the Great Fire of London including an amazing trip to St Paul’s cathedral to explore how it was affected in 1666.

Spring 1: All around the world

A chance to explore different animals and the climates they live in. Observing the animals in action at Whipsnade Zoo is one of the best parts of this topic.

Spring 2: Light it up!

Wires, bulbs, batteries and lots of time to explore. Using all of this new knowledge children embark on a design technology project incorporating a circuit.

Summer 1: Grow Green

Exploring what plants need, how they adapt to their environment and how important they are to us through a trip to Aldenham Country Park.

Summer 2: Seasick!

One of the children’s favourites investigating urban and rural areas exploring a wealth of new vocabulary which is put into practise on our fantastic visit to Clacton Upon Sea.

Home Learning

Children receive home learning once weekly, this includes 10 spellings which they should learn and use in a range of sentences and a piece of grammar work. Children are also expected to read daily using class books; which they take home twice weekly or using our online site BugClub. Children also have login details for Mathletics which they should be using weekly to practise skills and complete online tasks.

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