Welcome to Year 3!

Literacy – Power of Reading

This year we have enhanced the way we teach literacy by following the ‘Power of Reading’ scheme. This style of teaching allows us to base our learning around a story and try to link it to our topic. We hope to instil a love of reading in our children by using art, drama and writing activities to develop their understanding of what they read. The book corner often reflects the text the children are reading. So far the children have enjoyed ‘The Stone Age boy’, ‘Ug’, Hot like Fire’ and ‘The Ice Palace’.


All children have a maths ‘passport’ that they are working on. They are developing rapid mental maths recall and learn a range of skills from number bonds, doubling and halving numbers to knowing all of their multiplication and division facts. They are applying methods for the four operations (+ – x ÷) and use their knowledge to solve problems.

Curriculum Topics

The Connected Curriculum in Year 3 is usually based on History, Geography or Science. There are a wide variety of activities and experiments in science to deepen the children’s understanding of the given subjects. They start with research for home learning then share what they have found out. We then ask the children what they want to find out to enable them to take ownership of their learning. Towards the end of the topic the children then have the opportunity to see if their questions have been answered.

Home Learning

Every week your child will be given spellings (incorporating a literacy task), maths and a task linked to science. They also have reading and Mathletics available to them

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