Trips and Visits

Braintcroft Academy offer a variety of trips and visits to pupils, to help to develop and support their learning.

Each term children are provided with opportunities to go out of the academy on a visit or trip which supports their curriculum.

Examples of trips that were taken during school year were:

  • Barbican Centre
  • Kingswood Residential
  • Woburn Safari Park
  • Clacton-On-Sea

Parents will always receive full details of trips and visits via a letter so that you can give permission for your child to attend.

We do ask for a voluntary contribution towards the costs of the trip but we will never stop any child from going on a trip because they are not able to make a contribution. However, we have to make you aware that if we do not receive enough voluntary contributions then we may have to cancel trips.

Speakers and Visitors

We regularly organise speakers of interest to meet with the children and speak to them about issues and topics of interest usually in a whole school assembly. We also have visitors who specialise in a variety of skills and professions who come in to work with children on projects. There are also visiting pantomimes and a range of musicians who come in.

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