Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 is lead by Mrs Evans (6T). There are 3 other classes who are taught by Mrs Laouar (6X), Mrs Umarajan and Mrs Abaas (6V) and Mr Edwards (6U). We are very fortunate to have the support of Ms Rossiter, a maths specialist, and Mrs Levy a literacy specialist who will be supporting us this year in delivering exciting lessons.

Power of Reading

This year we have enhanced the way we teach literacy by following the ‘Power of Reading’ scheme. This style of teaching allows us to base our learning around a novel linked to our topic. We hope to instil a love of reading in our children by using drama and writing activities to develop their understanding of what they read.

Autumn 1: ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ to link with World War II.

Autumn 2: ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo to link with Titanic.

Spring 1: ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens to link with The Victorians.

Spring 2: ‘Skellig’ by David Almond to link with Planet of the Animals.

Summer 1: Non-fiction study to link with Morbid Mayans.

Summer 2: We will be working on our Production.


All children have a mental maths ‘passport’ full of different skills they have to learn. It is essential that all children know the multipication tables to help them solve various different problems. In year 6 we want all children to have a secure method for the four operations. We are providing opportunities for the children to deepen their understanding by solving multi-step problems.

Curriculum Topics

Up until May the curriculum is focused on preparing the pupils for SATS tests in Maths, Reading, Grammar and Spelling. Children are assessed throughout the year on their ability in writing. The Connected Curriculum in Year 6 is varied and engaging.  Topics covered include:  World War II, The Unsinkable Ship, Vile Victorians and Planet of the Animals. Children finish off the year with the traditional graduation and production. In previous years we have performed The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Bugsy Malone and most recently Oliver Twist. Look out for updates on the upcoming production for July 2017!

Home Learning

Every week your child will be given a new research task based on their current topic. This activity allows the children to show their creative side and share their learning with their teacher and peers in anyway they want!

Children will also be set weekly tasks online for reading, maths and grammar.

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