English writing

In the foundation stage children will spend much of their time on literacy activities.  As they move up the academy, literacy provision will change and develop to suit children’s needs as they develop basic skills and become confident readers and writers. In key stage 1 we use the Read, Write, Inc. system for phonics learning.

Our primary aim for writing is to promote a love for writing and for this to permeate through all areas of the curriculum. Through our writing curriculum, we want our children to become fluent and effective communicators of the spoken and written word.

A writing cycle is followed with the first sessions largely focusing on immersing our children with a text. The children will then look at writing examples that are in the style of the genre being taught; identifying key features of that genre and collect new words or phrases that could be used in their own writing. In addition to this, children will act out parts of the book to capture the children’s attention and imagination and aid their understanding. In the other sessions of the writing cycle, children are encouraged to become more independent writers and accurate editors. During these sessions, pupils will acquire wide-ranging vocabulary, a strong foundational understanding of English grammar and apply their phonic and spelling rule knowledge to show they are effective spellers. Knowledge progression is built in a hierarchical fashion ensuring all previous knowledge are embedded and feed into future ones.


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